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Unsync products from X-DRAW BOM

In X-DRAW, you may sometimes want to add products to the editor without including them in the bill of material. To do this, you can unsync such products by following these steps:

Open the ‘Unsynced Products’ Dialog Box

- From the format panel of the toolbar, locate and click on the ‘Unsynced Products’ icon.

Unsynced Products Icon

Unsynced Products Dialog Box in the Editor

- Clicking on the icon will open the ‘Unsynced Products’ dialog box within your X-DRAW Editor.

- In the ‘Unsynced Products’ dialog box, select the products you wish to unsync.

- After selecting the desired products, click on the ‘Add’ button within the dialog box.

Unsynced Products Dialog Box

Updated on: 06/17/2024

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