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Reset Product Suffix number (Update Product Counter) in your drawing


In the X-DRAW editor, when you add multiple products, it will automatically assign suffix number. This feature helps you keep track of the number of instances of each product, facilitating efficient counting and organization within your X-DRAW Editor.

If your product counter sequence is broken, you can update your product counter by following the steps below:

Select the Product :

- Select the product that you want to update by clicking on it.

Select Product

Update Product Counter for Single Product :

- Once you've selected the product, right-click on it and click on the "Update Product Counter". Using this step, you can only update the product counter for the selected product.

Update Product Counter

Update Counter for All Products :

- Also, you can update product counter for all product by clicking on the "Update Product Counter For All" under the "Edit" option.

View Suffix Numbers:

- Upon clicking this option, you will immediately see the updated suffix number (product counter). These numbers indicate how many times product has been added.

Suffix Number

Note: You can view the updated suffix number in your Cable schedule. Additionally, you can Update Product Counter in Signal Flow Diagram, Floor Plan, Rack Layout, and Front Elevation.

Updated on: 04/18/2024

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