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How to upload your custom products in bulk?

Please follow the steps to upload custom products in bulk.

Go to "My Library" page from the left navigation menu.

Click on the 'Upload Products' option under the Action option from the right side of screen.

You can upload your excel/csv file for Custom Products by clicking on the 'Upload your file' or you can simply drag and drop your file to the section.

Please upload the file in the provided format. You can download the format of the file by clicking on the 'Download sample file' button.

Make sure that your excel/csv file does not contain any currency symbol.

Select the file from the source and click on the Submit button.

All the uploaded products will be appear on your My library page.

Note:- You can upload up to 200 custom products at a time using the Upload Products feature. You can add these products to your design and proposal using 'MY Library' option.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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