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How to save design as a X-DRAW template?

Go to the design which you want to save as X-DRAW Template. In the 'Actions' section, click on the 'Save as X-DRAW Template’ option

Enter the template name and click on the Create New button.

To view the saved templates, click on the X-DRAW templates option under the Templates option from the left navigation menu.

Once you click on it, will lead you to the template page where you can view / use your saved template under the My Templates option.

Also, you can share template within your organization by clicking on the share button.

To share the template, hover the template and click on the share button under the three dot.

Select with whom you want to share the X-DRAW template with from the drop down menu and click on the Share button.

All the users within the group can create a design using this template.

To create a design using the template, hover the template and click on the use button.

Note:- Only Super-admins and Admins have the ability to save a design as a X-DRAW template.

Updated on: 12/15/2023

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