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How do I create an X-DRAW design with a Floor plan?

Now, using X-DRAW, you can start your design with the floor plans and sync products added to the floor plans directly to your bill of material.

To create an X-DRAW design with a Floor plan, click on the 'X-DRAW' tab, from the left navigation menu.

Select yes to the "Start with Floor Plan" option and click on the 'Create Design' button, which will lead you to the Floor plan page.

Click on the 'Create Floor Plan' button, which will lead you to the X-DRAW Editor where you can create your floor plan as per your requirements.

After adding products to the floor plan using our 'Product Images' option, click on the 'Unsaved changes' Button to save your changes..

To view the products added to your floor plan in BOM, click on the View BOM page, which will lead you to the BOM option where you can edit your product details as per your requirements.

You can also open your floor plan from the BOM page, and click on the 'Floor plan' option under the "Open X-Draw Editor" button.

All the products added from the search on the floorplan will automatically be added to your bill of material but the products added to the BOM will not be added to your Floor plan.

Updated on: 01/31/2023

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