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SSO Using Microsoft Azure on XTEN AV


Azure Single Sign-On (SSO) is a cloud-based solution that allows users to log in to many apps and services using a single set of credentials. Users don’t need to keep track of several usernames and passwords due to this functionality, which allows them to access apps and services from any location, device, and network. As a result, Azure SSO simplifies the login process and lowers the chance of password-related security breaches.

Steps to set up

Azure Account Setup and Enterprises Application Registration

Step1. Click on the link below, which will redirect you to the Azure Portal. If you already have an account then login with the same account otherwise create an account, follow the steps in the screenshots to set up Azure App. Click on the given link:

Step2. On the left side click on applications then two options will come on click on “Enterprise Applications” ,then click on “New application”.

Step3. After clicking on "Create your own application," a form will open on the right side. Fill in your application name, then select the third option (Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery (Non-gallery)). After this, click on create.

Step4. Click on "Setup single sign-on." After this, select the "SAML" option.

Step5. There will be 5 steps to set up SSO using SAML. In the first step, click on "edit." Then, on the right side, a form will open. Fill in the details and save it.

Note:- Fill the details.

Identifier (Entity ID) :
Reply URL(Assertion Consumer Service URL) :
Logout URL :

Step6.1 For the second step, first you have to click on groups then all groups, click on new group and fill all details and create it.

Step 6.2 Click on Users then click on All users then New users and then click on Create new users and fill all the details of users and next then add group which you have created before add it and Review and create .

Step 7 Click on Applications then Enterprises application then Users and groups, then click on Add users/groups then click on None Selected and users you have created accounts and add super admin and assign.

Step8. Click on single sign on and edit second step click on Add group claims then select all groups and save it.

Step9. For the third step download certificate.

Step10. For the fourth step copy login Url and Microsoft Entera identifier Urls and save it.

Step 11. On XTEN-AV platform click on settings then click SSO Settings then fill above links and certificate of step no 9 and 10 and Submit it now your sso is enabled you can login it.

Updated on: 04/17/2024

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