To sync your XTEN-AV project with Hubspot first you need to connect XTEN-AV account with Hubspot account.

Once you have completed the design/ bill of materials, you can use one of the two ways to send data back to the Hubspot account:

First, go to the project page and inside the “Project Settings” menu click on “sync with Hubspot” to send back the Deals from XTEN-AV to Hubspot.

This will send all design data that are made in that project and create a excel(.xls) file and send to Hubspot deals attachment section.

The second way is to send all the project data, at once, to the Hubspot platform.

For this, go to the ‘Account Preferences’ page from the top-right menu.

Click on the “View” button in front of Hubspot and then you will find “SYNC WITH HUBSPOT” button to sync all the projects.

You will be able to see line items that were in the projects on XTEN-AV, now shown in the deals section as an attachment.

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