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How to create a change order?

The change order is created when any contact asks for changes in the Rooms and items after any proposal is viewed or accepted by the contact.

On the x.doc dashboard, go to the x.doc document for which you want to create change order. Click on the "Change Order" option under the "Action" option.

Once you click on it, it will lead you to the page where you can create a change order by clicking on the "Create Change Order" button.

Enter the Change order name.

Once you click on it, it will lead you to Rooms & Items page where you can edit your existing products, Add new products, and update proposal settings as per your requirement.

You can preview your Change order by clicking on the "Change Order Preview" button.

Once you click on it, it will lead you x.doc editor page where you can add signature elements under the Agreement section and new section to your change order as per your requirement.

On the x.doc Rooms & Items page, you can preview proposal, view change order Activity log, and download client pdf under the Action option.

In order to submit a document to the client, from the 'Actions' menu, click on the "Review & Submit" option. You will also find this option from the x.doc editor page as well.

From here you can edit and customise the email by changing the subject, body, adding emails to CC or BCC. After that, click on the "Send to Client" button. The client will receive the email from your name and will have the link to the document. Using that link, he can view, sign and accept the document.

Updated on: 01/21/2024

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