Submittals(Spec Sheets) in x.doc

This feature allows you to manage and view your product specification sheets directly within the x.doc.

Follow the steps below to generate a Submittals (Spec Sheets) document in x.doc:

Access the Sections Menu

- On the x.doc editor page, click on the "Plus (+)" icon located at the top-left corner of your screen, next to the sections heading.

Add the Submittals Section

- From the dropdown menu, select the 'Submittals (Spec Sheets)' option.

- Click on the 'Add Section' button to add this section to your x.doc page.

View the Submittals Section

- Once added, you can view your product specification sheets by clicking on the Submittals section on your x.doc page.

Resync Submittals

- If you make any changes to your Bill of Materials (BOM) (e.g., updating or deleting products), you can resync your submittals document to reflect these changes. Click on the 'Resync Submittals' button to perform this action.

Unavailable Products

- Products without specification sheets will appear under the 'Unavailable Products' option. You can manage these products separately.

Note: x.doc submittals will be synchronized with your x.doc Room & Items page, ensuring consistency across your documentation.

Updated on: 05/24/2024

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