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How to upload files and coordinate with XTEN-AV CAD Manager?

To create a project, click on the 'Create Project' option from the left navigation menu.

On the Project creation page, fill in the information, according to your requirements, to create a new project.

While creating the project, Please make sure to share your project with our CAD manager by clicking on ‘Share with Group Members’. Select the CAD manager account (XTEN-AV CAD) from the drop-down menu.

Enter Project details and click on the 'Submit' button.

On the project view page, click on the 'Upload Attachments' option under the 'Action' tab to upload your all documents.

You can upload attachments by clicking on the 'Upload your File' button. Every user has 5GB of space in his account and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 500 MB.

To send a message XTEN-AV CAD Manager, click on the ‘Chatter’ button under the Collaboration option.

Tag that cad manager (@xten) and leave your message.

The CAD Manager will receive your message in his email. He will check the attachments uploaded by you and then let you know if anything else is needed by commenting on the platform.

Similarly, You will receive this message in your email and you can visit the platform if you want to add something to the project.

Once the work has been completed, the CAD manager will upload the completed files and will notify you that files are ready to be downloaded. You can visit the platform to download the files now.

Updated on: 02/17/2023

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