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How to create a design using X-VRSE?

In the project, click on the 'Add design' option, under the 'Actions' tab.

Add Design

Choose the X-VRSE method of design. Enter the name of design and select the type of room from the drop-down menu.

Create Design

Once you click on it, it will create a design in your project. Click on the 'Start' button to navigate through a series of question-and-answer flows.

In this method, a user needs to answer questions like what is the size of the room, what kind of speakers would you like for your room, etc. All the AV documents shall be auto-generated depending on your selections and preferences to the questions.

Upon completing the series of question-and-answer flows, you need to generate a design in order to view the documents.

Generate Design

Once you click on it, it will show you a room code which will help you to view this room in virtual reality while using VR application.

Room Code

You can view all the documents along with the "ROOM CODE" of this design from View Design Docs page.

Once you complete the design, you can run the exe file of the build which you downloaded from our platform to enter into the room.

Enter the room code of the design you created on the platform to enter into the room.

After entering the ROOM CODE you can enter the room to visualize the room in Virtual Reality.

Here you can view the products, infrastructure, and Modes option, using these option you can modify your design as per your requirement.

In Products option, you can change the Display, VC camera, UCC, MIC, and Ceiling speaker to your room.

In infrastructure option, you can change the Chair, ceiling speaker, Walls, Floor, Table, and Decor of the room.

In Modes option, you can view the SPL mode, Siteline mode, Coverage mode, and Edit product in your room.

Once you made all the changes in your room, please save your change by clicking on the save icon.

Once you save the changes all the updated items will be appear in your BOM.

Updated on: 09/22/2023

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