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How to change labor type to Per Item labor?

You can change the labor type to Per Item Labor by clicking the Per Item option under the x.doc settings from the Settings option.

Once you change the labor type from the settings, you need to create a new proposal to apply your updated labor.

Here you can add new labor by clicking Add labor button and enter the Labor description, and cost.

You can edit Per Item Labor Cost for the corresponding labors.

You can bulk update and Manage labor values for products in your library by clicking on the Manage labor option.

Once you click on it, it will lead you to the Per item labor page where you can update your labor for particular groups by selecting the group from the right side of the group filter.

Under the setting option, you can update your labor Description, labor Cost to Company ($/hr) and labor Cost to Client ($/hr) details. Also, you can add new labor to your items as per your requirement by clicking on the Add Labor option.

Under the Quick Update, you can select brands and categories for which you want to update labor. Enter the labor time for the selected brands and category. Also, you can create a Labor Preset as per your brands and category selection.

Note:- Super admin and Admin have the ability to set labor for the organization and group.

Updated on: 01/20/2023

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