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How to add Discount and Taxes in Pricing table?

To add Discount and Tax to your Pricing table, please follow the steps outlined below:

Begin by clicking on the plus (+) icon. This action will prompt the addition of a Discount column to your pricing table. This visual aid illustrates where to locate the icon:

Pricing Table

Equally, you have the option to incorporate Discount and Tax rows into your Total Table. Simply navigate to the bottom of the total table and click on the plus (+) icon.

Total Table

Upon successfully adding the Discount column, proceed to input the desired value. The system will then perform automatic calculations, streamlining your process.


Customize the Discount column by converting its values into percentages. Access the Pricing Table Settings to execute this modification effectively.

Pricing Table Settings

Once you've adjusted the values to Percentage, explore the columns to view the percentage values conveniently. Clicking on the Discount and Tax columns will unveil this data.


Note: To visualize the percentage values, ensure you click on the Discount and Tax columns. Subsequently, after entering the value, it will be displayed as an amount for your reference.

You can add pricing table to your proposal by following the steps mentioned in the given link:

Updated on: 02/27/2024

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