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How do I redeem my points to get free usage on XTEN-AV ?

Once the referred user upgrades to any our paid plans, you get points which you can redeem to extend your subscription for free.

Consider the below scenario:

James is using XTEN-AV on a Basic Monthly Plan. Alex refers his friend Janet to join XTEN-AV. Janet joins XTEN-AV using referral link shared with him.

Janet enjoys using XTEN-AV in his free trial period and he decides to upgrade to a Basic Monthly Plan. After Janet upgrades to Basic Monthly Plan,

James gets one point.One point equates to one month free usage for James on his current plan.

Now James can avail a free month of XTEN-AV without paying anything for next one month.

For every successful user who upgrades using James referral link, James will get points.

The number of point James receives depends on Plan invited user joins.

For every successful refer that joins XTEN-AV and upgrades, James gets points which he can redeem for free usage .

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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